Thursday, July 31, 2008

To sleep, perchance to ..*sniff*....what is that funky smell?!

Have been looking into getting a new mattress. The one we have is over 10 years old (probably closer to 15 - the Husband had it before we got married). There are permanent depressions in it, both sides, either end, so flipping it has long since stopped being an option. There are also random places where a spring will jab you in the ass while you’re sleeping. It’s been a good mattress…but it’s time to go. At the moment, we’re putting up with it mostly because we don’t have the money to buy a new mattress. Sure, we could get a super cheap one…but with a combined weight of Oh My God sleeping on it every night, by the end of the year, we’d just have to go get another one anyway. Better to save up and get a good one. We even toyed with the idea of a Sleep Number bed. For the last year I have been content to curl up in one of the “hollers” in the old mattress, whereas the husband has been sleeping extremely well on an inexpensive ‘memory foam’ mattress on the floor. When he slept at my house, on the tired, beaten down old mattress, he was nothing but aches and pains the next morning. And when I slept on the floor at his house, I could barely even make it to standing the next morning. Obviously our sleeping needs are different. That’s what brought the Sleep Number to mind. Besides, if the Bionic Woman can sleep on it…then obviously it’d be ok for a couple of lazy fatties, right?

Of course…at the moment, it’s not the mattress that has me aching and exhausted from lack of sleep. It’s the husband. But before you get all *wink wink, nudge nudge*…it’s not even LIKE that! Basically…I have spent the last year not having to share a bed. I can roll over, sprawl, and even sleep sideways on the bed - whatever is the most comfortable and doesn’t make my back/neck/shoulder hurt. Now when I try to do that though, there’s a big hairy guy in the way! Sure, it’s great to be able to snuggle my honey when I’m going to sleep, or if I have a nightmare I wake up to find his big arms wrapped around me and him stroking my hair until the terror goes away, and with him in the bed I will never have to use the 5+ hot water bottles I used to have (seriously…I had at LEAST 5 of them). Looking back at when we were first married, I don’t remember it being this difficult learning to share a bed…but I have a feeling the blush of new love is clouding my memories. Also, I’m 10 years older, and have a slew of aches and pains I didn’t have back then. But, as I am not planning on getting rid of the husband, I’m putting all my hope on a new mattress.

So, on that note, has anyone ever tried a Sleep Number bed? Or any other sort of mattress they would recommend? Keep in mind that Husband and I are Big Folk, so we need a sturdy mattress. Also keep in mind, though, that we have somewhat limited funds…so don’t recommend some NASA developed, hand made by Tibetan monk, woven out of gold thread and the down from 10,000 rare baby hyacinth macaws mattress.

And please don’t recommend the classifieds…because used beds? *shudders* just…ew. I’m sure not EVERYONE is dirty and has lice…but I did actually see an ad in the classifieds for a used queen size mattress that someone’s granny had, but no longer needed (oh God, did she DIE on it???!!), and her little doggy had only peed on it ONCE! Plus, they were asking for only a little under what it would have cost BRAND NEW!! Mmm…mattresses…NEW AND IMPROVED! Now with more URINE!

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Cinda said...

Oh my god. No longer needed??? She totally died on that mattress. Or like, fell out of bed and died on the floor next to it. So either way it's obviously a used, haunted mattress!

I've heard good things about sleep number beds. The only other bed I can think of that was really fab was at the Bay and it was like 5 grand. So that's likely not an option. Although if it were....mmm..