Monday, August 18, 2008

A rosey hued twilight

Spent one of the most pleasant evenings I’ve had in a long time. Sat on my front step in the pink evening light, reading To Kill a Mockingbird and sipping wine from a glass while the warm wind dried the sweat on my neck. Every now and then I would look up to watch a family going for their evening stroll, and one time a young man and his pretty, pregnant young wife, talking softly while her hand absently caressed her gently swelling belly. Just as it was getting too dark to read by, my son called me in for the supper he’d cooked for us. The house was ripe with the smell of pasta and fried mushrooms, and the light from the kitchen gave of a warm, welcoming sort of glow that I normally only associate with winter time.

Tonight, I am at peace with the world.


The boy and I decided to eat our supper on the front step. We talked, and ate and laughed watching the sky go from pink to purple to navy. Even after the food was gone, we stayed there on the front step, telling stories, discussing literature, society, and religion. We slapped mosquitos and watched the fireflies dance around the porch light. Eventually Husband came out to see where we’d got to. He joined us and chatted and laughed for a while, enjoying the cool of the evening. Eventually we all went back inside. Husband let the dog out one last time and locked up the windows and doors. The boy went back to his room to listen to music. I finished up the last of the dishes and then headed up to bed, tired, smiling, and very content.

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