Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I eat toast for breakfast.

Something I’m finding really annoying lately. People’s insistence on mentioning an actor’s sexual preference. It has happened several times lately. I was talking to someone about Stephen Fry, and his TV program QI, and how I doubted some of their “facts”. We were discussing how all you need to do is talk confidently, in a BBC British accent, and people will believe anything you say. Then, related to absolutely NOTHING in the conversation, the other person says, “he’s gay, you know.”

A few days later I was discussing Star Trek with my son, who informs me that George Tekai is gay. Which really had nothing at all to do with the show. Not 2 days later, I was talking to Husband about Star Trek, and couldn’t remember the name of the guy who played Sulu (for some reason, I can never remember George Tekai’s name). He promptly informed me it was George Tekai…you know…the gay one.

Yet another example….was watching a movie with Jodie Foster in it (whom I have always liked), and randomly, out of the blue, my husband makes a comment about her being a lesbian.

Those are only a few examples…and only from a couple of people, but I hear the same thing over and over, from numerous different people. You mention an actor, or a singer, or a politician, or whomever…and instead of making a comment on their talent/accomplishments/values, the first thing people say is, “oh, they’re gay, yanno.”

WHY??? Why do people feel the need to add that? What does it have to do with their ability to do their JOB?? Also, why do people only feel it necessary to mention when someone is gay? You don’t say, “hey, that’s Bruce Willis…he’s totally straight yanno.”

It’s ridiculous. It is totally irrelevant to the subject. It’s like saying, “hi, my name is Joe…I eat toast for breakfast!” SO?? Who cares??

Why does it make a difference? Why are people so fascinated by it? Why do they INSIST that celebrities “come out”? I mean, if a person went for a job interview, and one of the questions was “sexual orientation”…people would be totally offended! They would be outraged that someone even DARE to ask them that? You don’t have to tell them how old you are, what religion you are, how much you weigh, and you certainly don’t have to tell them who you like to curl up with in bed at night. So why does the public feel so outraged when an “obviously gay” celebrity refuses to admit it in front of the world?

So basically, unless it is totally and completely relevant to our conversation, do NOT tell me whether someone is or is not GAY. I don’t care….and neither should you.

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